"Seli ambelou" is located in a 910m altitude, in between the impressive massifs of the Lasithian plateau, a region gifted by nature. This specific location is called " Ambelos Auxin" and has always constituted a natural passage to and from the inner plateau. On both mountainsides, one can see the 24 impressive stone flour-mills, out of which only three are completely in tact. The view from this point is fabulous. At the Heraclion side, the eye catches sight of the sea, while gazing at mounatins, canyons, plains and villages that are found in between. At the Lasithian side, the panoramic view of the plateau unfolds.

The Lasithian plateau consists of a bright green tillable plain surrounded by the lasithian mountains, on whose foothills lie 16 picturesque villages. Although it is located 840m above sea level, it is only 15-20 away from the nearest coast (Mallia).

According to the ancient greek mythology, Zeus, the father of all Gods, was born there. Thousands of people visit the cave of "Psyxros" every year. It is said that Zeus was nursed there as a child.

The main characteristic of the area is the hundreds, once thousands of windmills that were used for the pumping of water in order to water the diverse cultivations of the plain. Moreover, the area is well-known for its natural agricultural products and livestock.We shouldn't leave out also the fact that the area is unique fot its diverse flora and fauna.

Among the various sights of the greater region, the most noteworthy are the Monasteries of " Panagia of Keras" and " Vidiani" for their long history. Also, the latter accomodates the museum of natural history. In addition, there is a Laografic museum in the village "Agios Georgios" as well as another museum dedicated to the eminent politician Eleutherios Benizelos.