The visitor can find the traditional restaurant "Seli ambelou" on the north-western entrance of the Lasithian plateau, right by the border of the Heraclion and Lasithi departments where, on one side, one can see the lofty stone windmills that adorn the scenery and on the other side, the uncomparably beautiful plains of the plateau. It is a family business which is now ran by the third generation. Since 1987, we have been in the attendance of even the most demanding visitor, combining traditional cretan-greek cuisine with friendly atmosphere and excellent service.

In our restaurant, which operates all year round, one can enjoy coffee or food in one of the various rooms available. More precisely, there is a recenly redecorated central room with the capacity to attend 200 people, as well as a second room of larger capacity ( around 550 people). Also, there is a porch, which is perimetric to the central room, a comfortable back yard in our verdant garden, while there is a special green area for the children to play. There is access to all areas for disabled people.

We can host any kind of social celebration like weddings, baptisms, conferences, groups e.t.c. following the request of our clients.