"Seli Ambelou" offers a rich variety of dishes, both traditional and contemporary. In "Seli ambelou" we follow the trends of the traditional greek cuisine and we use exclusively our own natural products in recipies that come from our grandmothers and grandfathers. Therefor, we offer homemade food baked in the traditional wood oven and cooked in pure cretan olive oil.

Our restaurant is well-known for its traditional cretan dishes: the famous oven baked pork, the "zymera" traditional homemade pasta, the sausage and the "pixti" appetiser we prepare ourselves, the boiled goat, the goat in red sauce, the "hohlious" (snails), the " asprokolia" (local green beans), the "anthoi" (stuffed pumpkin tops with rice and vegetables) as well as a variety of other appetisers and main courses. For those who wish to combine their meal with good wine, we offer a local variety as well as a wide range of fine quality bottled wines for the visitor to choose from.

Finally, our reastaurant offers different kinds of coffee and deserts, all prepared exclusively by us. Among the deserts, the traditional cheesepies (myzithropitakia) topped with honey are included, accompanied by our own "raki" which are a fine way to end a splendid meal.

Bon apetit!